Set Up & Pay Loans from an External Bank Account

  1. Use Digital Banking to make a Bethpage loan payment from an account at another financial institution.

    In the demo, you'll learn how to:

    • Add your external account to your list of accounts in Digital Banking.
    • Confirm your external account.
    • Make a payment using your external account.
  2. How to add your external bank account to Digital Banking.

  3. Get started by clicking the "TRANSFERS / PAY A LOAN" widget in the left navigation. Then, click “Advanced” in the top navigation.
  4. Then, click “Add Your External Account.”
  5. Read the ACH Transfer Policy, click the “I Agree” checkbox and press “Continue.”
  6. Provide the requested information, and click “Save.”
  7. Read how to confirm your external account, then click “OK.”
    Note: Your external account will not appear in Digital Banking until we send two trial deposits to that account.
  8. How to verify your external account (once you’ve received the trial deposits).

  9. To finish linking your external account once you’ve received the trial deposits, click “Confirm” in the pending external account notification on your dashboard.
  10. Locate your pending external account within your list of accounts. Click “Confirm.”
  11. Enter the exact amounts of the 2 deposits made to your external account. Click “Confirm.”
  12. You'll receive a message verifying that your external account has been confirmed.
  13. How to make a Bethpage loan payment using your external account.

  14. To make a Bethpage loan payment, click the "TRANSFERS / PAY A LOAN” widget, then the "Advanced" tab. Select the "From" and "To" accounts. For example, you can make a payment to your Bethpage Auto Loan from your external account.
  15. Confirm your Transfer details. You can also pick a SEND ON date and choose One Time or Recurring under FREQUENCY. Tap "Submit Transfer" when you're done.
  16. Review that everything is correct, then click “Confirm Transfer.”
  17. You’ll receive a message that your transfer has been scheduled.

    Note: It may take 2 to 3 business days for a loan payment from an external account to process.
  18. Now you know how to add, verify, and use an external account in Digital Banking.

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