Customizing Your Dashboard

  1. Your Dashboard is your financial command center. Make it your own by customizing it to meet your needs and so you'll always know you're on the Bethpage site.

    In this demo, you'll learn how to:

    • Add a custom Profile Image
    • Add, remove, make Favorite and re-order Widgets in your navigation
    • Hide, show, Nickname and color code your accounts to easily distinguish between them
  2. How to add a custom Profile Image.

  3. To customize your Profile Image, go to your Dashboard, click on your name in the upper right and select "Profile".
  4. From the Settings screen look for the Profile Image row and click "Edit".
  5. Click "Upload Image", to browse for your picture. Be sure to click "Save Changes". Your new Profile Image will now appear at the top of your screen on your desktop and in your mobile app.
  6. How to add, remove, make Favorite and re-order the Widgets in your navigation.

  7. To add, remove, make Favorite or re-order Widgets in your navigation, select the "Widgets" tab.
  8. The gold star indicates a Favorite Widget. Certain Widgets are pinned and are always there by default. However, you can tap the stars on non-pinned Widgets to add or remove Favorites. Widgets flagged as Favorites will show in your left navigation.
  9. If you want to re-order the Favorites in your navigation, click "Reorder Favorites" to enable dragging and dropping of each row to your desired location. When you're done be sure to click "Save".
  10. How to hide, show, Nickname and color code accounts to easily distinguish between them.

  11. To hide or show certain accounts, go to your Dashboard and click the gear icon next to "My Accounts".
  12. Select what accounts you want to hide or show. Be sure to "Save" when you're done. Accounts will now hide or show on your Dashboard as you have indicated.
  13. To Nickname and color code your accounts, click on the account you want to update from your Dashboard.
  14. Select the pencil icon next to the account name.
  15. Update your Nickname and select a color for the account. Be sure to "Save" when you're done. The changes will automatically appear on your Dashboard.
  16. Now you know how to customize your Dashboard!

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