Setting Up Payees & Paying Bills

  1. Make bill payments to any business or person located in the U.S. from your mobile device.

    In this demo, you'll learn how to:

    • Add businesses or people (Payees) to make payments to
    • Make a Bill Payment
  2. How to add businesses or people (Payees) to make payments to.

  3. Get started by tapping the "Bill Pay" Widget in the main menu
  4. The first step in making a Bill Payment is to add a Payee. To do this, tap "Manage Payees".
  5. Then tap "Add" in the top right.
  6. Select whether the Payee you're adding is a "Business" or "Person".
  7. If you're paying a business, type their name as it appears on the bill. Most businesses will start to appear in a list as you type and you can then select them from this list. If not, manually enter the Payee details using the information off your bill.
  8. Continue to enter the required details for the Payee, choose the account you want to pay them from and then tap "Continue".
  9. You'll see a confirmation message that verifies your new Payee has been added. Tap the back arrow icon in the upper left to return to the "Bill Pay" screen to set up your first payment.
  10. How to make a Bill Payment.

  11. Get started by tapping the "Bill Pay" Widget in the main menu and then from the Bill Pay screen, tap "Make a Single Payment". You can also see your Scheduled Payments and Payment History from here.
  12. Select the business or person you want to pay and the account to pay from, then the AMOUNT and SEND ON date. When you're done, be sure to tap "Confirm Payment".
  13. Review the dollar amount and payment details you entered, then tap "Submit Payment".
  14. You'll see your payment appear on the Scheduled payments screen as verification. You're done!
  15. Now you know how to add Payees and use Bill Pay!

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