Managing Your Bethpage Credit Card

  1. Manage your Bethpage Credit Card right from your Mobile Banking Dashboard.

    In the demo, you'll learn how to:

    • View your credit card transactions and account details
    • Add a payment account and pay your credit card bill
  2. How to view your credit card transactions and account details.

  3. From your Dashboard, tap on the list of your accounts.
  4. Then "Tap on your Bethpage Credit Card account."
  5. From the “TRANSACTIONS” screen you can view all your recent credit card activity. To find a specific transaction, search by amount, description or date. To see all the details of any single transaction, just tap on it.
  6. Tap the “ACCOUNT DETAILS” tab to see your Total Balance, Available Credit, Credit Limit, Payment Due Date, Last Payment and Amount Due.
  7. How to add a payment account and pay your credit card bill.

  8. From the main menu of the mobile app, select “Manage/Pay Credit Card”.
  9. Tap the “Launch Manage/Pay” button.
  10. Tap "Add a Payment Account”
  11. “Add a “Payment Account” by entering the financial institution Routing Number, Account Number, and Nickname for the account you want to pay your bill from.”
  12. “Next, select the Account Type. If you want this to be the default account for paying your bill, select “I want this to be the default account.” Review the terms and conditions, then tap “Accept”.
  13. “From the One-time Payment screen, select the amount you would like to pay. Then enter the payment date and tap “CONTINUE”.
  14. “Review and confirm your payment details. When you’re ready, tap “Submit”.
  15. You’ll receive confirmation that your Bethpage Credit Card payment has been scheduled.
  16. Be sure to set up Credit Card Alerts so you can stay on top of your account without logging in.
  17. Now you know how to manage your Bethpage Credit Card from your Mobile App!

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