Managing Credit Card Transactions

  1. Manage your Bethpage Credit Card transactions right from your Online Banking Dashboard.

    In the demo, you'll learn how to:

    • View your recent credit card transactions
    • Track and categorize your spending
  2. How to view your recent credit card transactions.

  3. Go to your Dashboard and click on your Credit Card account. 
  4. From the “Transactions” tab you can view all your recent credit card activity. To find a specific transaction, use the Search field to search by amount, description or date. You can also Sort, Print and Download
  5. To see the details of any single transaction, just click on the payee name. The details of your transaction will expand.
  6. To view your account details, click on the “Account Details” tab where you’ll find your Total Balance, Available Credit, Credit Limit, Payment Due Date, Last Payment and the Amount Due.
  7. How to track and categorize your spending.

  8. Get started from your Accounts screen, then click on the “Analytics” tab where you’ll see your Balance History for 1, 3 and 6 month timeframes. To get to your Spending report, click on the “Spending” button.  
  9. Your Spending report will show you where and how you’re spending your money and help you manage your budget more easily. You can analyze by 1, 3 and 6 month timeframes as well as by category or sub-category. 
  10. Most transactions are automatically categorized for you in your Spending report. To change or add a new category, simply go to the “Transactions” tab, look for the transaction you want to categorize and then click on the category button under the payee name.
  11. Choose the new category for your transaction from the list provided. For more detailed tracking of your spending, you can use sub-categories and even split a transaction over multiple categories. Click on “Manage” to add your own categories and sub-categories.
  12. Now you know how to manage your Bethpage Credit Card transactions!

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