Pay Anyone

  1. Send money instantly to family, friends or just about anyone using their email or mobile phone number.

    In the demo, you'll learn how to:

    • Pay someone using Person to Person Payments
    • Accept a Person to Person Payment
  2. How to pay someone using Person to Person Payments.

  3. To get started making a payment, tap the “Pay Anyone” Widget in the main navigation.
  4. Then tap on the “Get Started” button.
  5. If you’ve never paid this person before using Person to Person Payments, you’ll need to add them as a new contact. To do this, tap the “Send to a new contact” link. Your previously saved contacts will show in the picklist.
  6. Enter the recipient’s phone number or their email address. Be sure to select “Remember this contact” if you’ll also be making payments to them in the future.
  7. Enter a Memo on what the payment is for and the amount you want to pay.
  8. Enter your Debit Card information for the account you’re making the payment from. Review and accept the terms of service and tap “Send”.
  9. You’ll be prompted to enter your Debit Card PIN. When you’re done, tap “Submit PIN”.
  10. You’ll receive a confirmation on screen and via email that your payment was successful. If you can’t locate the confirmation in your inbox, check your spam folder.
  11. How to accept a Person to Person Payment.

  12. When you or your recipient receives a Person to Person Payment, there’ll be a text message or email sent for notification of the incoming payment. To receive the payment via text, the recipient will need to tap the “Pay Anyone” link in the text message.
  13. Alternately, if the payment was sent to the recipient’s email address, they’ll get an email message instead. To receive the payment, select “Accept payment” in the email message and then follow the process.
  14. The recipient will need to enter their First Name, Last Name and Debit Card information for the account they wish the money to be deposited into.
  15. Review and accept the terms of service and tap “Deposit Payment”
  16. The recipient will get a confirmation that the deposit was successful and the funds will be deposited immediately. 
  17. If there’s an error indicating the debit card is not eligible, the recipient’s financial institution is not part of the same Pay Anyone network. 
  18. In this case, the recipient should select “Receive with your checking account” instead and follow the process. Funds will then be deposited in 1-3 business days. 
  19. Now you know how to send and receive money using Person to Person Payments!

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