Setting Up Credit Card Alerts

  1. Stay on top of your credit card activity with Text and Email Alerts.

    In the demo, you'll learn how to:

    • Set up Alerts for your Bethpage Credit Card
  2. Get started by clicking “MANAGE/PAY CREDIT CARD” in the left navigation.

    TIP: By default, this Widget is under the “MORE” menu.
  3. Click on the “Manage/Pay Credit Card” button. If the new tab doesn’t open, enable your browser to allow pop-ups for the Bethpage site. 
  4. From the “Payments” screen, click the “CREDIT CARD ALERTS” Widget in the left navigation.
  5. To set up Alerts, your email address and/or mobile phone number must be on file. In most cases these will automatically show up from your profile. If not, click “EDIT” to add them yourself.
  6. Decide which Alerts you want to set up. You can set up Alerts for a variety of things including when your statement is ready, your payment is due and for specific types of transactions made on your account. 
  7. Select the “Email” and/or “Text” checkboxes to indicate how you would like to receive each Alert type. Some require you to enter calendar days and/or dollar limits. Be sure to “Save Changes” when you’re done.
  8. You’ll get a confirmation message verifying your Alerts have been successfully updated.
  9. Now you know how to set up Alerts for your Bethpage Credit Card!

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