Checking Learning Center

A checking account is one of the most basic financial products. Nearly everyone has one, but that doesn’t mean that you should take yours for granted. Checking accounts have a variety of attributes and added features that can come with them. Being knowledgeable about checking accounts can help you choose the best one for the way you earn and spend money, as well as enable you take advantage of all the benefits your Bethpage checking account offers.

We’ve prepared a selection of educational pages to help you learn more about how this basic service works, the features available, differences between a checking and a savings account, and other important facts about this foundational element of your financial life.

Checking 101

Whether you already have a checking account or are about to open your first one (congratulations!), it’s important to know how these accounts work, what they can help you do, and the options you have.
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The Difference Between a Checking and Savings Account

Both checking and savings accounts are designed to help make money management easier for users, but in different ways. Checking accounts are perfect for everyday spending whereas a savings account is designed to securely hold your money over long periods of time.
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Banking with Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Our banking products offer flexibility, convenience, and competitive pricing, with the service of a community-focused credit union. We operate more than 60 branches and shared service centers on Long Island, and our people are dedicated to making the financial lives of our members easier and better. Want to learn more about our Bethpage checking accounts and open one today?
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