Obtaining and using different types of credit is part of almost everyone's financial life. But how you use that credit, and understanding all that is involved with it, can affect almost every aspect of your financial future - your ability to rent or buy a home, the insurance rates you are offered, and even your future employment opportunities. 

It is a good idea to learn how to borrow wisely from the beginning and understand how you can make changes to your credit – Bethpage can help you do that.

What Is Credit?

Credit comes in many different forms, and it is important to understand how each works so you can obtain the right type for your needs.
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Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards

When you shop with your debit card, you’re often asked, “debit or credit?” This article will help explain the differences.
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Choosing The Right Credit Card

Why “0% APR” isn't always what it seems.
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Secured Credit Card

This type of card is used to purchase large items, such as a house, car or home appliance.
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Understanding Credit Scores

Your credit score is a numeric summary of the information in your credit report and is formulated to predict the risk you will not repay what you borrowed.
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How to Improve Your Credit Standing

If your score is not as high as you want it to be, don’t worry – you can change it.
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