5 Mobile Apps for Managing Money

Five mobile apps for managing your money

In today's world, managing your life can be as easy as clicking a button. You can order a car ride (with food at the same time), search train times or check gym capacities all with your phone. So, have you automated your finances? From tracking account balances and investments to establishing budgets and monetary goals, these five apps provide quick and easy financial guidance that you can take anywhere you go:

1. Mint (by Intuit)
Consolidating your bills and money into one place makes managing finances easier than ever. With Mint's mobile app, you have the all-in-one ability to schedule payments, check your credit score, enable important reminders and avoid pesky late fees. Once you sign up, the app can sync to your bank in seconds and automatically categorize your information. You are then handed the tools to form budgets, keep up with investments, learn new ways to save and more.

2. Expensify
Expensify replaces tiresome reporting tasks with automated one-click solutions. From simplifying tax reports to tracking business mileage and easily importing your debit and credit cards, it's like having an accountant in your pocket! Filing expense reports will no longer steal time and energy away from you.

3. Prosper Daily
One of the biggest concerns of credit and debit card customers is fraudulent charges. With the Prosper Daily app, you can immediately detect suspicious activity through a quick view of all recent charges to your card. This will place you in a good position to maintain your money, credit and identity. Acting as a security device, you can quickly report questionable charges or contact the merchant to assist with getting your money back.

4. CardNav (by CO-OP)
CardNav is the perfect tool for managing your debit cards. Using real-time control, this app enables you to protect your cards by turning them on and off, scheduling times when they can be used and limiting the card to specific purchases or merchants. Similar to Prosper Daily, you can use this app to keep your accounts secure and have peace of mind with a few simple clicks.

5. Bethpage Mobile App
Banking from your phone is easy and convenient with Bethpage's Mobile App. You can deposit checks, transfer funds and pay bills simply and safely.

Start simplifying your finances today with Bethpage's Free Checking account.

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