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1-800-628-7070          Routing #: 221473652

Be alert. Be aware. Protect yourself from fraud.

At Bethpage, we are currently seeing various scams in which fraudsters are attempting to collect members' personal information.

Scam alert Here is an example of such a scam:

  1. You receive a text message regarding a recent charge on your Bethpage debit card, and it asks you to verify the transaction.
  2. You reply that you don’t recognize the charge in question.
  3. You then receive a phone call from what appears to be Bethpage’s 800 number, and someone claiming to be a Bethpage employee requests you verify your account information, including your Social Security number, online credentials, debit card/PIN numbers, and a texted verification code.
  4. If you provide this information, the caller, who is actually a fraudster that has spoofed Bethpage’s phone number, now has access to your Online Banking account and can make account changes, send out payments using your money, or even apply for loans in your name.

For your security, do not respond, do not reply, or hang up if you are contacted and asked to do any of the following:

  • Provide your personal or account information
  • Reply with a security code the caller has texted you
  • Update a piece of personal or account information

Bethpage will never make or send unsolicited calls, emails or texts asking you to provide sensitive information.

If you are contacted, never share any personal information, including:

  • Your verification codes, usernames, passwords or other online account credentials
  • Your social security, account or debit/credit card numbers or PIN

Your security is our top priority.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you shared personal information with a contact that may not be legitimate, please call us at 800-628-7070.

For more information about current scams and how to protect yourself, visit our Fraud Protection Center.