How Much Will My Mortgage Payments Be?

Purchasing your dream home is often one of the biggest monetary decisions you can make in your lifetime. Because of that, it's important to know how much your mortgage payments will be.

What are some of the benefits of using a mortgage calculator?

  • Know what to expect when applying: Taking the time to apply for a mortgage should always include a better understanding of your financial status. A mortgage calculator factors in different parts of the payment process including property tax, how long the loan will be kept for, interest rate and property taxes. Understanding what exactly goes into a monthly mortgage payment choice is essential.
  • Look to the future: Where do you see yourself in five years? How about 25? With time, life can change dramatically. When choosing a mortgage, think long and hard about what lies ahead of you. A mortgage calculator can help ensure your financial situation is the best it can be, both now and in the future.
  • Other information: By using a mortgage calculator you can also view other vital information such as the latest available mortgage rates, corresponding articles or important term definitions.
  • Understand available options: Don't let one option cloud your judgment of all the other available types. At Bethpage, we have many loans available that work for each of our members. These include FHA, Jumbo, Adjustable and Fixed-rate. As these payments differ from month to month depending on your choice, be sure it's one that best fits your financial needs. Contact a Bethpage expert to help you select the best option for you!

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