Savings & Budgeting

Making Saving Simple

A budget can help you spend within your means on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Once you've put a budget into action, following through with your savings plan becomes much easier. That's why the following sections were written to help you get the ball rolling to achieve your goals.

  • Set Spending Goals

    The first step in planning your financial future is to decide what you want, how important those things are to you and what they'll cost.

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  • Organize Your Finances

    Our organization tips can provide you with the template you need to get started and the right tools to help you accomplish your goals.

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  • Track Your Spending

    Since your savings and budgeting plans will require deliberate spending choices, you need a way to trace your activity. We'll show you ways to stay on top of what you're spending.

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  • How to Build a Budget

    A budget is a blueprint that determines how and when you spend your money. We'll give you helpful tips for creating a budget that fits your lifestyle to allow you to chip away at the goals you have in mind.

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  • Pay Down Your Debt

    A key component of being financially healthy and flexible is reducing the amount you owe. Whether you need to make progress on your mortgage or consolidate outstanding credit card debt, Bethpage has advice for how to become more independent, faster.

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  • How To Save Money

    From how you make a grocery list to the ways technology can help you save, here are some strategies for building your financial cushion.

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