Tips for Packing for College

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Are you heading off to dorm life soon? Packing for college can be fun, but it can also be daunting.

Since dorms are usually tight on space, it is to your advantage to avoid overpacking. To help you prioritize what to bring, we suggest that you make a list of essential items and what you can live without. You may want to check to see what items your college already provides. Also, consider coordinating with your roommate(s) to see what items can be shared.

The dorm will be your home away from home, so here are a few suggestions for what you may want to bring to college:

1) Noise-canceling headphones

College dorms tend to be noisy places. When you most need to concentrate, noise-canceling headphones will help you create that quiet space you need.

2) Easy-to-prepare food and basic toiletries

Make it as easy as possible on yourself at the start by packing a few weeks’ supply of easy-to-prepare foods and basic toiletries. Then, you can restock on what you need as the year goes on.

3) Portable power sources

Dorm rooms, especially in older colleges, may not have enough outlets to plug in all of your gadgets. Consider using a power strip (a device that gives you the ability to plug in multiple electronic devices) to make sure your technology is always charged. Similarly, you never know where you might be when your laptop is suddenly low on battery. A portable power bank can really come in handy.

4) Space-saving furniture and necessities

When it comes to furniture, shop smart. An ottoman that doubles as a storage container may help you maximize the space you have. A bed riser that will double the available underbed storage may also be a smart choice.

5) A debit card that is linked to your checking account

A great way for you to manage your money, on or off campus, is with a checking account. A Bethpage Young Adult Checking account (for ages 18 – 20) provides your own debit card and 24/7 access to Digital Banking, without having to worry about monthly fees and minimum balance requirements. And, your money will never be out of reach with free ATMs available nationwide.