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savings plus
Boost your financial wellbeing and give yourself financial security by opening an emergency savings account.

In collaboration with Bethpage Federal Credit Union (“BFCU”), Northwell is establishing an emergency savings account, Northwell Savings + Account[1], effective January 1, 2023.

All Northwell team members can open the new Northwell Savings + Account!
Eligible team members who establish a Northwell Savings + Account with Bethpage Federal Credit Union will be eligible to receive a 10% match from Northwell on the first $500 contributed annually to the Northwell Savings + Account through a direct deposit from their paycheck, up to a max match of $50 annually.[2]

To learn more or to open an account, schedule a virtual appointment today.


How it works:


Open a Northwell Savings + Account with Bethpage by scheduling a virtual appointment


Set up a direct deposit from your paycheck to Northwell Savings + Account via My Experience


10% match contributions from Northwell will be made annually, up to a max of $50

What do I need to open an account?
You will need to provide your Northwell ID. Then, to complete an application, you'll need a photo ID such as a driver's license, state identification card or passport. You will also need your Social Security Number and a mobile device.

Must be a US citizen or permanent resident alien.

For information regarding the Savings+ program, please contact the HR Service Center at (516) 734-7000.


[1] Northwell Savings + Accounts are only available to current Northwell Health team members. Proof of Northwell Health employment is required to open and maintain a Northwell Savings + Account. There is a limit of one (1) Northwell Savings + Account per Northwell Health team member. In the event, employment with Northwell Health terminates, the Northwell Savings + Account will automatically convert to a Savings Account within thirty (30) days of notice of employment termination with Northwell Health.

[2] Northwell Savings + Program: To be eligible for the Northwell Savings + Program benefit, Northwell team members must be non-union staff level, benefit group 3 employees who are benefits eligible (.5 FTE and greater). Contributions to the Northwell Savings + Account must be made by a direct deposit from a Northwell paycheck that is set up via My Experience. In order to be eligible to receive the 10% match contribution annually from Northwell up to a max of $50, eligible Northwell team members must be an active employee in an eligible employee position category as of December 31 to receive the Northwell match benefit for that calendar years contribution. Northwell contribution for the previous year’s contributions will be made to the Northwell Savings + Account before January 15th. Northwell Savings + Account must remain open to receive the Northwell contribution. Northwell contribution match will be reported on a W-2. Exceptions to receiving Northwell contribution include death, disability and retirement. The above is intended only as a summary of the Northwell Savings + Program benefit offered by Northwell Health as of January 2023. Northwell Health reserves the right to add or terminate the Northwell Savings + Program benefit at its sole discretion. Eligibility and qualifications are fully outlined in the Northwell Savings + Program benefit details which is available at the HR Service Center at (516) 734-7000.