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An update to our members

At Bethpage, our goal over these past few months has been to provide a safe environment, while providing essential financial services to our members.

It has been a time like no other, and we, like you, have had to do things in ways that were never done before.

The good news is that Long Island is starting to re-open, and as Long Island re-opens, we will start offering in-branch services through a safe, phased-in approach. The first set of branches to re-open will be locations that do not have a drive-up option and where you can remain safe with social distancing.

We encourage you to review the Branch & Call Center Hours section below for all current information regarding hours of operation and services offered.

Thank you for sticking with us through these difficult times and as we wait together to see what the future holds. We are grateful for your support.

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Branch & Call Center Hours

You can contact our Call Center during the following hours:
Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 7pm     |     Saturday: 8am - 2pm

In the interest of public health, we continue to encourage you to access your accounts 24/7 using Bethpage Online and Mobile Banking or by visiting any of our branch ATMs or 30,000 free ATMs nationwide. If you cannot address your banking needs online or at an ATM, here are several additional banking options:

For teller transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, visit any of our drive-up window locations. For quicker service at the drive-up, please have your identification ready when you approach the window. See a complete listing of drive-up locations in the table below.

To help you avoid waiting on drive-up lines, we have added Bethpage SPEEDeposit boxes in the ATM lobby of most of our branches during the hours the branch drive-up window is open. Use SPEEDeposit for cash-free Bethpage deposits or payments, including:

  • Savings and Checking deposits
  • Loan, Credit Card and Mortgage payments

Simply follow the instructions on the SPEEDeposit envelope, and place the envelope in the box. The deposit/payment will be processed the same day. See a complete list of branches that have SPEEDeposit in the table below.

If you cannot address your banking needs using any of these options, you may complete the contact form by clicking “Request a Call or Email” below, and a branch representative will call you back. You can also schedule an in-person appointment at select branches - see the list below for available locations. Look for “Schedule in-person appointment”.

Request a Call or Email

mobile banking at bethpage

Banking from the comfort of your home.

You can handle almost all of your financial needs using Online and Mobile banking.
Not signed up for Online Banking? It only takes a few minutes to sign up now.

Access your accounts

View your balances and transactions.

Pay your bills

Pay our credit card, loans and other bills.

Deposit your checks

Take a picture of your check, and it's in your account.

Transfer funds

Move money between your accounts.

Get answers online

Get the answers you need in our Help Center.

Need to deposit a check?

Deposit checks quickly and securely from the comfort of your own home with our Mobile Banking App.

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Relief loan & modification options for those impacted by COVID-19.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties caused by the Coronavirus, we are here to help.

You may be eligible for a new hardship loan. For members with existing Bethpage loans, we have other relief options available. Should you need assistance, provide us your info by completing the form below.

Relief Loan & Modification FAQ

Read our member guidelines and the most frequently asked questions.

Apply for Relief

Provide us with your information and get the relief process started.

Protect yourself from fraud

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the public’s uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, and we want to help you to avoid scams and protect your money and personal information.

Here are a few security tips:

fraud protection
  • Do not provide personal information, like your social security number, account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, or passwords, over the telephone, in a text, or through email, unless you initiated the contact and know that the contact is legitimate. Bethpage will never initiate a call, text or email to verify any of this information.

  • Be sure to frequently log in to Digital Banking and check that your account information is up-to-date and your transaction history is accurate. If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to download our Mobile App. You can use the app to quickly and securely review your accounts wherever you are, right from your mobile device.

  • Be suspicious of any phone calls or emails claiming to be from the IRS. The IRS will make initial contact in writing.

At Bethpage, we have recently seen an increase in instances where fraudsters are posing as our security department, through text and calls (often spoofing our toll-free number), to obtain sensitive information from our members, such as their online credentials and debit card/PIN numbers. To help protect you from fraud, if our monitoring service spots a suspicious transaction on your Bethpage Debit Card, we may alert you by text message and ask you to confirm or deny the transaction in question. However, we will never ask you to provide sensitive information in connection with that text alert.

The texts and calls from fraudsters may also be related to mortgage applications, setting up auto-payments, or other banking topics in an attempt to obtain your sensitive information.

If you shared your personal information with a contact that might not be legitimate, notice suspicious activity on your account, or have any other security concerns, please call us during our new business hours at 800-628-7070.

You can also report any scams or suspicious claims to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

Economic impact payments.

When will I receive my payment, how much will I get, where can I use my EIP debit card, and are there any scams I should watch out for?


Are Bethpage branches still open?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has raised all of our concerns about health and safety. To better protect our members and teammates while still meeting your financial needs, we have closed several branches and modified the hours and access to all of our other branches. Please refer to the branch table included above for the latest information about your nearest open branch.

Will I still be able to access ATMs?

Our branch ATMs will remain open 24/7. You can also access any of the 30,000 free ATMs nationwide that are part of the CO-OP Network. We also encourage you to self-serve by accessing your accounts online or by using the Bethpage Mobile App.

How much cash can I withdraw from an ATM?

You may access your accounts using your Bethpage Debit card or ATM card and withdraw up to $1000 a day.

For Youth accounts or new member accounts (accounts open 30 days or less), the limit is $200 a day.

If I can’t visit a branch, how can I access my account?

We strongly encourage our members to use our digital banking tools and branch ATMs for self-service banking and 24/7 account access. Members can access their accounts online or by using the Bethpage Mobile App at their convenience. From there, members can make payments, view transactions, check balances, find an ATM, and more. It’s easier and faster (in most cases) to manage accounts digitally, especially given the restrictions on in-person branch service at this time.

Sign in online or to our Mobile app to access your account online 24/7.

For an informational video about using Online and Mobile Banking, click here.

How will I know if a branch or ATM is available?

For the latest information on branch access and services, please see the branch table included above.

How will transactions that cannot be performed at an ATM or drive-up be handled?

Access to money and banking services are essential, and we are committed to maintaining continuity of these critical services. For teller transactions, please use the drive-up window at specific locations. Members will be limited to five transactions, including:

  • All standard transactions (deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, transfers)
  • Money orders/official checks

For the safety of our employees and members, we are no longer scheduling in person appointments. If you cannot address your banking needs online or at an ATM, please complete the form above to receive a call back for assistance.

Can I call Member Services to complete my banking needs?

In an effort to provide the best possible member experience during this situation, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our online and Mobile Banking tools to address your banking needs. We do expect high call volumes and wait times for those who call.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this rapidly-evolving situation.

How are you ensuring the continued safety of your operations?

The health and safety of our members and teammates are our top priority. We are continuing to exercise enhanced deep cleaning protocols in our open branches to maintain a safe environment.

How long will the branch operational changes be in effect?

These operational changes will be in effect until further notice. We are monitoring the situation closely, and we will notify our teammates and members as soon as any changes are made. For the most up-to-date information, please check this page frequently.

My income has been impacted by the Coronavirus. What if I can’t make my payments?

We are here to help. If you are experiencing a financial hardship due to the impact of the Coronavirus, go to and provide your information to get the relief process started.

How can I make a deposit without having to wait at the drive up?

Most of our branches are now equipped with SPEEDeposit boxes in our ATM vestibules. Check deposits can be placed in an envelope and given to our guards. Branch employees will process your deposit within a few hours.