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Early Certificate Closure

Close your certificate before its maturity date with no penalty.

Get access to your funds.

We recognize these challenging times have caused financial uncertainty for many of our members. As a Bethpage certificate holder, you may want to have access to the money in your certificate prior to the end of its term to help ease this uncertainty.

For your convenience, we will gladly close your certificate prior to maturation without penalty and issue you a check for the full account balance.

It's easy to get started.

If you would like to close your certificate without penalty, simply follow the steps below.

Log in to Online Banking.

Click the "Get Started" button below to be sent to the Renew/Change Certificate form within Online Banking.

Select your certificate.

Select the certificate you'd like to close (IRAs are excluded).

Complete the process.

Choose to have the balance deposited into an existing account or to receive a check in the mail.

Get Started

Not registered for Online Banking? Click here to submit your request.

Have questions?

If you have any questions and would like to speak to a specialist, please schedule a phone, video, or in-person appointment by clicking the button below.


How long is this option available?

This option is available until June 30, 2021.

How can I take advantage of this opportunity?

You can take advantage of this opportunity by:

  1. Sending in a DocuSign request via our website at
  2. Submitting a request for a call back on our website at In this case, a branch representative will contact you, and answer any questions that you may have.
  3. Sending in the bottom portion of the letter that you may have received in the mail.

What options do I have to receive my funds?

The funds can be disbursed as an official check, or transferred to another one of your Bethpage deposit accounts (excluding other active certificates).

If you would like to request your funds to be transferred to another Bethpage account, please send in a DocuSign request via our website at

Can I take a partial withdrawal from my certificate?

Because of the regulatory issues associated with partial withdrawals, only full withdrawals will be accepted (balance and interest earned).

Does this promotion include IRA Certificates?

No, the promotion includes consumer certificates only.

How do I find my account numbers in order to enter them on the tear off in the letter?

You can refer to your statement for your certificate account numbers.

What if I want to close multiple certificates?

You can close as many certificates as you would like. If you are mailing in the bottom portion of the letter sent to you, you can list all of the account numbers you would like to close.

What if I receive my maturity notice in the mail after I have elected to close my certificate account?

Members will receive their maturity notice 14 days prior to their certificate maturing, as long as it is an active account. There may be times when the timing of the maturity notice and this promotional letter will overlap. If you received your maturity notice and had already elected to close your certificate, you can disregard the maturity notice.

What are the tax implications of this promotion?

If any interest over $10 was accrued on the certificate prior to closure, Bethpage will send you a 1099-INT. During tax season, it will be your responsibility to accurately prepare and file your taxes.