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Log in From Any Personal Device!

Your Apple® iOS and newer Android® devices no longer requires flash to access BethpageFCU Online Banking.

In addition to easier access for all of Bethpage Online Banking users, our online security system has also been improved, providing you with even more protection and convenience.

For instance, when you sign in from a non-registered device, we’ll ask a question that only you could answer. You’ll also have the option to “remember this device” for quicker account access. As an extra layer of security, we may also periodically ask you an additional question when visiting certain areas of Online Banking.

Some of the enhancements you'll see include:

  • The Online Banking Flash based login box has been replaced.
  • Online Banking users with iOS devices (iPhones & iPads) will be able to log into Online Banking from our homepage instead of the alternate login page.
  • Online Banking users can now backspace while typing their User ID and password.
  • As an added security feature, Online Banking users will be asked to register new devices.
  • The Online Banking login box will now be more compatible with page readers used by the visually impaired.

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