Online Banking Help

Attention iOS7 users

We have received reports that some members are immediately being logged out after signing into our mobile app on iPhones and iPad. This issue is caused by the iOS Safari browser not accepting “cookies.”

To adjust these settings and set Safari to accept cookies, please do the following:

  • On the iPhone or iPad, click “Settings”
  • On the left side, click “Safari”
  • Under “Privacy and Security” click “Block Cookies”
  • Make sure this is NOT set to “Always” . Please choose to set your cookies to “From third parties and advertisers” or “Never”.

Now the Bethpage app must be reset.

  • To do so, double click the iPad or iPhone home button. That’s the main button on the front of the iPhone.
  • You’ll now see every app on the phone that is running.
  • Find the Bethpage app and then swipe UP. This will close out the app.

Reopen the Bethpage app and try again. Thank you.



The security of our Online Banking members has always been a priority for Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Because of this, we stay up to date with our security feature enhancements.

Bethpage has an outstanding track record for maintaining the highest levels of security for members who conduct their banking online. When regulatory agencies recommended that all financial institutions enhance the security for their online banking systems, we implemented a technology called multifactor authentication.

It is a biometric technology that monitors the way the user ID and password are typed. It uses each member's unique typing rhythms as an additional method of verification. [Download Flash]

There are a few things users may notice:

  • User ID and password will be entered on the same page.
  • Pressing Backspace clears the entire user ID or password field.
  • You cannot paste your User ID or password into those respective fields.
  • A current version of Flash is required. Users who do not have Flash installed on their PC will be prompted to download a current version.[Download Flash]

What if I cannot upgrade Flash or cannot use the new login page?

Users who do not have Flash will see a message that offers an alternate page to use to login.

I have tried to download Flash but still receive the message that indicates I need Flash. What do I do?

If you're using Internet Explorer, you will also need to enable the ActiveX component. When you download Flash you may be prompted to install ActiveX. After installing Flash and ActiveX, make sure ActiveX is enabled by following these steps:

  • From your browser menu go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on the Security Tab
  • Click on Custom settings
  • From the checklist find "Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins"
  • Make sure that "enabled" is checked
  • Find Scripting section and enable Active Scripting
  • Save your changes then close and re-open your browser

If you continue to experience problems accessing or using the new system, please contact our Telephone Service Center at 1-800-628-7070 for assistance.