Text Banking

See your account details 24/7 with Text Banking.

Send a command from your mobile phone to BPAGE (27243)* and instantly receive account information via text message. To set up mobile alerts and register for Text (SMS)* Banking to stay in control of your finances!

Texting commands are simple to remember:

  • bal - Get balances for all of your accounts
  • a, act, activity, las, last, hist, history – Get account history
  • t, tra, transfer, trans, tran, xfer – See transaction history for your accounts
  • p, pay – Pay a bill
  • atm – Locate an ATM machine
  •  bra, branch – Locate a branch
  •  menu, cmd, command, commands – See a list of commands
  •  help – Help menu

Bethpage offers a wide range of Alerts for you to set up:

  • Low Balance Notification
  • Deposit Confirmation
  • Withdrawal Confirmation
  • Transactions or ATM withdrawals exceed your limits
  • Check Cleared
  • Overdraft Posted

Registration through Online Banking is required.