Mobile Banking, Online Banking & Bill Payment Tips

Did you know you can schedule recurring transfers through Online Banking?

Transfers between Bethpage accounts can be set up to automatically recur monthly, every other week, Quarterly, twice a year, annually or once on a future date.  An email notification can be sent after the transfer occurs.  Recurring transfers are perfect way to transfer funds each month to your checking account to conveniently cover a variety of payments. To set up one of these recurring transfers just sign into Online Banking, click ‘Transfer Funds’ and then ‘Scheduled Transfers’ on the left side of the page.  

Did you know you can set up online and mobile alerts through Online Banking?

Bethpage offers two different ways to receive account alerts. Bethpage members can set up alerts through Bethpage Online Banking  and/or Mobile Banking.

In Online Banking, click ‘My Profile’ and then ‘Email Notifications’ on the left side of the page.  Then click ‘Create Notification’.  This page lets you specify which account to set the alert on, the type of alert and the email address the alert will besent to.  Online Banking Alerts include:

  • Balance Notifications
  • Certificate Maturity Date Notice
  • Direct Deposit Notice, NSF Notice
  • Loan Payment Due Notice
  • Line of Credit Advance Notice.

These alerts are sent once each morning. Mobile Banking alerts are separate from Online Banking Alerts but must also be setup within Bethpage ONLINE banking.  To set up a Mobile Banking alert, first sign into Bethpage Online banking and then click the ‘Mobile Banking’ link on the left side of the page.  In the new window that appears, click ‘Alerts’.  Here you can set up several alerts including Low Balance, Withdrawal Exceeded, Deposit Confirmation, Overdraft Posted, Check Cleared, and Withdrawal Confirmation.  These alerts can be sent via text message to your mobile device or received in mobile banking.

Did you know you can use Online Banking to order new checks?

Simply sign into Bethpage Online Banking and click the ‘Order Checks’ link on the left side of the page.  Here you can order new checks, check the status of a previous check order, and even order custom checks.

Did you know you can receive and pay your bills automatically through Bethpage Bill Pay?

You already know about Bethpage Free Bill Payment.  But did you know you Bill Payment can also RECEIVE your bills?  Manage and pay your bills in one place through Bethpage Bill Payment.  To get started, sign into Bill Payment and locate the payee from which you would like to begin receiving bills online. From the list of payees on the Make Payments page, click the Set up e-bill link beneath the appropriate name. Note: not all payees are eligible for e-bill.  The Edit Payee page appears.  Provide the necessary e-bill information and click Save changes.

Having Trouble Accessing Bill Pay?

Bill Pay requires that you have your browser set to accept third party cookies.  If you're experiencing trouble, check your browsers settings and ensure "Accept Third Party Cookies" is enabled.

If you continue to experience problems please Contact Us or call 800-628-7070.