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Save On Purchases And Pay NO-FEE ON Balance Transfers

Stop paying high rates and expensive finance charges on other credit cards! Transfer your high-rate balances to the Bethpage MasterCard® Platinum credit card and save with our introductory rate of 2.99% APR* for 12 months.

Whether you’re starting to build your credit history or you’re an established card holder, a Bethpage Credit Card offers freedom, flexibility and convenience to suit your lifestyle and spending habits.

Bethpage offers 3 card types for you to choose from:

  • Low interest rate
  • CU Rewards – Cash back
  • CU Rewards – Points

Peace of Mind with these safety and security features:

  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection: Pay nothing if your card information is stolen while shopping in a store or online.
  • MasterCard Smart Shopper Benefits: As a preferred cardholder, you are entitled to extensive travel, insurance and retail protection services.
    • Purchase Insurance Coverage
    • Extended Warranty

CardLock is another exclusive fraud protection service that enables cardholders to block and unblock purchase authorizations on their Bethpage Credit Card! You can enroll, lock and unlock your accounts in one of two ways:

  • Telephone: You can reach out to CardLock by calling 877-CULock1 to reach a secure automated system. You will need to provide the Credit Card account number(s) as well as the phone numbers you wish to enroll in the CardLock service, as well as a self-selected 4-digit security key code.
  • Online: Visit to reach a secure automated system to provide the account number(s), email, and phone numbers to be enrolled, as well as the 4-digit self-selected security key code to lock and unlock accounts. You can also download a FREE iPhone app for 24/7 access at

Apply online, stop into any Bethpage branch or call 800-628-7070.

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PLEASE NOTE: All calculations received by using the calculator tools on this page are estimates only. Please contact your loan advisor, tax advisor or a branch representative to determine all final payments or savings.

Getting Wise About Credit.... You can build your credit score and achieve life goals like buying a house or car. Or you can reduce your debt and get peace of find. We’ll be sharing the core concepts of credit so you can learn:

        • The difference between credit cards and debit cards
        • When to use them
        • Fees and features
        • How to increase credit
        • How to reduce debt

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