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A Bethpage Certificate Account is designed to increase your savings in a secure and predictable way. With a fixed interest rate for the term of the product, a Certificate Account grows dependably with steady interest.

  • Many certificate terms available.
  • Start with as little as $50.
  • Seven-day grace period after maturity to renew or change account.
  • Save with confidence - all deposits are federally insured by the NCUA**.
Certificate Term Rate
3 Month
18 Month
24 Month
30 Month
36 Month
39 Month Bump-Up[1]
48 Month
60 Month
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39 Month Bump-up[1] Certificate

  • Take advantage of rising interest rates with a one time option to "bump up" your interest.

  • Even if the rates drop, your money will continue to earn at the higher rate.

Other Banking Products

Need to access your money periodically but still want to earn interest?
A Bethpage Money Market or Free Checking Account may be a fit for you.


How do I open a savings account?

You're just a few clicks away from getting started!
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What do I need to open an account?

For a faster application process, please have the following information on hand when you begin the application:

Your personal information, including Social Security number, Address, Email

Government/state issued ID (We do NOT accept military ID's as there is a federal law prohibiting us from accepting this identification type online)

Debit Card, Credit Card or Account number to make your opening deposit into your new Bethpage account

For a joint account, you'll need the same information for both applicants. Note: Each joint owner has to complete their part of the application and Esign their application.

Why do I have to deposit $5?

Your initial deposit of $5 into your new savings account allows you to gain membership with Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

This membership provides you access to lower rates and higher returns, along with unrivaled convenience and service.

We are here to help you make sound financial decisions and support you in everything you do with us!

How is a credit union different than a bank?

Credit unions are made up of members who have ownership in the overall institution.

What does this mean? Instead of earnings going into the shareholder's pockets, they are paid back to members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates and exceptional service.

Membership is open to anyone who opens a $5 minimum savings account.

What is the difference between a Certificate of Deposit (CD) and a Share Certificate?

Certificates of deposit are mainly offered by banks whereas Share Certificates (or certificate accounts) are offered by Credit Unions like Bethpage. Another difference is that while CDs pay interest, share certificates pay the holder dividends. Lastly is the insurance tied to each of these types of savings; a CD from a bank is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) while a Share Certificate from a credit union is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

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Why Bethpage?

We're a credit union, not a bank. That means your needs come first, not shareholders, because there are none. We invest back in you by delivering better rates and low fees.

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We are one of the largest credit unions in the country, serving members for 80 years.

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High member satisfaction, over 80%

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Over 300,000 members served every day

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Dividend Period and Dividend Crediting Frequency:For accounts opened online, the dividend period and crediting frequency is monthly for all certificate terms. For the 6, 12, 24, 36, and 39 month certificate terms that are opened at a branch, the account owner(s) may select a dividend period and a crediting frequency of either monthly or quarterly at account opening. Dividends are compounded daily for all certificate terms.

Certificates automatically renew at maturity for the same term as the original term, with the following exceptions explained in footnotes 1 and 2 below.

* Annual Percentage Yields (APY) is effective as of . APY assumes all dividends remain in the certificate until maturity, and a withdrawal will reduce earnings. Fees could also reduce earnings. Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawal. $50 minimum balance to earn APY and to open account. Account activity restrictions apply.

**The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) share insurance coverage applies to each share owner, per insured credit union, for each ownership category.

[1] 39-Month Bump Up Certificate - The bump-up certificate has a 39-month term and includes an option that allows you to increase or "bump-up" the dividend rate once during the term to the current dividend rate in effect for a 36-month certificate. At the end of the 39-month bump up maturity term, whether or not you elected the bump-up option, your certificate will automatically renew for a term of 36 months at the prevailing rate in effect for a 36 month certificate with no "bump up (increase) feature.