Money Market Accounts

Best for anyone who wants a higher rate of interest while maintaining access to their savings.
  • Open with as little as $500.
  • Write up to 3 checks from the account each month.
  • Balance determines dividend rate.
  • Access to account through Online or Telephone Banking.

ProductBethpage Annual Percentage Yield (APY)*LI Regional Bank Average APY^We beat the banks by:
MONEY MARKET ($500 - $24,999)0.25%0.15%67%
MONEY MARKET ($25K - $49,999)0.30%0.17%76%
MONEY MARKET $50K + 0.50%0.17%194%

^Data is supplied by Datatrac Inc. as of 9/3/2015.

Data supplied by Datatrac. Rate shown is the average rate for the 10 largest banks in the Long Island, New York area. Actual credit rates may be different.

 *APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

PLEASE NOTE: All calculations received by using the calculator tools on this page are estimates only. Please contact your loan advisor, tax advisor or a branch representative to determine all final payments or savings.

Money Management is about knowing how and where you are spending your money each day and how to plan and budget to save for tomorrow.

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