Bank without stepping foot in a bank

Finding a time to go to your financial institution only to wait in a long line — that's the old-school way of banking. We all have busy schedules, and nobody has time for that routine anymore. Fortunately, there are convenient and secure alternatives when it comes to managing your money.

Here are four tips for skipping the bank while staying on top of your finances:

1. Credit unions
One way to bank without using a bank is to try a credit union. Credit unions provide many of the same services as banks, and they work for their members, rather than shareholders. So if you've been thinking of alternatives to your bank, it may be a good time to make the switch to a credit union.

2. Fee-free ATMs
Let's be honest, no one likes to wait. So why wait for your financial institution to open to withdraw your own money? Believe it or not, ATMs enable you to do much more than just withdraw some extra cash. At an ATM, you can check account balances, transfer money and some even allow you to make a deposit. To avoid fees at these ATMs, consider banking with a credit union in the CO-OP network, which allows members to access more than 30,000 free ATMs nationwide.

3. Online banking
Whether you're ordering food, shopping online or keeping in touch with friends, you can do it all online quickly and easily. Managing your finances can be just as simple through online banking. Make a deposit or a withdrawal, check your account balance, submit a request and more with your bank online. Learn more about how to bring the branch conveniently to you.

4. Mobile banking
Most banks have their own apps that will assist you with all your financial needs at an instant. We all know there's nothing scarier than forgetting to pay your bills on the day they are due. With 24/7 availability, you can use mobile banking and mobile deposit anywhere. Learn more about banking on the go with Bethpage.

Simplify banking with Bethpage
At Bethpage Federal Credit Union, you can access and transfer your funds any time of the day at thousands of ATMs and shared branches nationwide or from any device. We also provide you with up-to-the-minute statements, mobile check deposit and mobile alerts.

Start simplifying your finances today with Bethpage's Free Checking account.

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