Why using debit cards is better than cash

When it comes to recycling for the environment, paper is better than plastic. But when it comes to banking, using "plastic" is better than "paper." With debit cards, there's no longer a need to rush to your local branch. Funds can be managed right from your pocket with no paper trail needed.

Here are five ways that using a debit card is better than cash.

1. Access to money (ATM)
Debit cards allow you to easily withdraw or deposit funds at a nearby ATM. (Just check that your bank or credit union offers free ATMs, like Bethpage!) That means no more withdrawal slips or time-wasting trips to your financial institution.

2. Pay it forward and fast
When you're with your friends and you don't have cash on hand, you can skip the ATM and pay them back online or on your phone. Financial institutions offer payment features to make it easy for you to transfer funds.

3. Ditch the extra paper
Most debit cards feature online banking, so you don't need to go to your bank or credit union, get a receipt for a transaction and get monthly statements in the mail. Debit cards allow you to manage your funds quickly and easily, all online. Learn more about how to bring the branch conveniently to you.

4. Go green by automating bill payments
The mailed bills you receive can move from the stack on your table all to your tablet. Just elect to receive eStatements for your staple bills like rent, utilities and auto. Then you can set up bill pay in a few simple steps.

5. Deposit checks from anywhere
If your employer doesn't offer direct deposit, you can still avoid a trip to your bank or credit union! You can use mobile check deposit from your smartphone and access your funds quickly.

Cards make it convenient
Accessing your money shouldn't require extra paper and time. With Bethpage, you can get a Debit Card with access to 30,000+ surcharge-free ATMs plus 24/7 Online and Mobile Banking.

Ditch the paper and get a free Debit Card with Bethpage Free Checking.

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