5 Ways to Save on Remodeling Your Home

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Make your house feel new again without breaking the bank.

Do you miss that new home feel? Wait right there - put down the blueprint or the local real estate listings. You can make the space you're in right now feel new again with just a few simple changes and tricks. Don't believe us? Read below to find out more:

1. Tackle the important rooms first
Whether you're constrained by time or money, even a casual remodel can feel like an enormous undertaking. If you're looking to spruce up your space. focus on a few key areas, like an entryway, your living room or the kitchen. These rooms endure a lot of use, which means they need that TLC the most right now. Plus, since these are high-traffic areas, guests are more likely to see these updates.

2. Never underestimate a fresh coat of paint
Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impacts. In this case, it's repainting your home or touching up the existing coat. This easy weekend project can make your home feel cleaner and newer without busting your budget. Bonus tip: Target this effort on your kitchen, where your cabinets could feel brand new covered in a new paint color.

3. Or the power of a deep clean
You can dust, wipe and tidy all you want, but sometimes homes need a more much intense cleansing. Take some time to scrub and steam clean every neglected corner and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

4. Freshen up your fixtures
Your home is really a sum of its parts: its floors, windows, doors, etc. So, it makes sense that to make it feel new, all you might need to do is concentrate on these essential features. For some project ideas, try refinishing your hardwoods or installing a gorgeous new front door.

5. Make a daring switch
Perhaps you keep your home spotless and impeccably decorated. How can you refresh it then? The simplest way to do is by rearranging furniture. If you’re feeling a little more daring, though, try switching two rooms in your house, like swapping a bedroom with the home office or turning that untouched home gym into an inspiring craft space. There are a number of exciting possibilities and all they take are some imagination, a little moving around and slight redecorating to make it happen.

If you’re ready for some larger changes in your home, like a major remodel, consider a home equity line of credit. By accessing your home's equity, you have the flexibility to take on these projects when you need to. At Bethpage, we offer amazing rates for lines up to, and over $500,000. Contact Bethpage Federal Credit Union today to learn more!

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