Three time-saving tips for millennials on the go

When you’re in line for coffee, on the train or even just waiting for a 30-second commercial to end before your show comes back on, you usually pick up your phone to fill time. But what if you could avoid wasting time in the first place? Whether you’re on the weekly grind or a weekend getaway, try these three time-saving hacks to get on to the things that matter.

Use apps anytime.
Jump ahead of the line by using an app to pay for your morning coffee and still get to work on time. After the office, if you go to the gym or a yoga class, you want dinner quickly when you get home. Save time by preparing meals in advance. The more often you eat the meals you’ve prepared in advance, the less time you have to spend deciding what to eat on the fly.

Or when you’re in need of a quick dinner idea, for a low delivery fee you can save time grocery shopping with simple door-to-door services. This will save time scouring the grocery aisles and save money long term, as opposed to buying expensive takeout.

Be a master time traveler.
Whether you’re traveling for work or taking a trip with friends, download your airline’s app to check in to your flight and display your boarding pass right from your phone. Also be sure to use a digital wallet on your phone, so you can pay with your screen and get on with your travels.

Finally, use a debit card that does not require any foreign transaction fees. That way you can access your money anywhere you travel and don’t have to worry about finding a specific ATM.

Let the good times roll.
Going to brunch or trivia night is fun, but no one likes figuring out the bill at the end. Use bill-splitting apps or use a money transfer app from your bank or credit union. And when you need to make transactions on the go, use mobile banking to check your balance or transfer funds. Being connected to your money means you can check the important things when you need to and get back to the good times.

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