Travel Tips For Business Trips

If your business has you traveling routinely, or even just from time to time, be sure to travel smart.

Without the right preparation, information and small trial runs, traveling expenses will add up quickly. Don't let your next business venture drain your bank, or your corporate card account. Keep the following tips in mind for safe, savvy traveling:


  • Always look into round-trip tickets, as this is often the least expensive way to purchase travel arrangements. 
  • Consider traveling on a newer airline. Budget airlines are quickly surpassing the popularity of the big names.
  • In terms of tickets, try and plan your trip months in advance, and use more than one travel site to view all available options. 
  • Travel light. The less you pack, the less you will have to lug around with you during your travels. This also avoids costly baggage fees or even the possibility of lost luggage. 


  • Book a bundle deal. By combining airline flights, hotels and some excursions, you may be able to obtain a better deal than booking everything separately.
  • Check out the off-season. Traveling somewhere new during their off-season will save you money and create new destinations to check out while you're there.
  • Choose where you travel wisely. Consider going somewhere with a better exchange rate or smaller economy. These countries are often cheaper to travel to and stay in for an extended period of time. 
  • For leisure time between meetings, try somewhere other than the typical tourist trap. Yes, being able to see the main landmarks is appealing, but so is carving your own path and making discoveries on your own. Outside of these tourist areas, everything is much more reasonable.


  • Watch the exchange rate and be sure to change money at a reputable establishment. Likewise, don't use your credit or debit card at a location that doesn't seem to be secure.


  • Don't splurge at fancy restaurants every night, instead check out the local cuisine and small shops. This will expose you to the culture and save money for other things such as transportation or shopping.
  • Eat lighter meals while exploring and carry along snacks for breaks in between.
  • Plan out meals, especially when traveling for extended periods of time.


  • Avoid taxis. These are known to be pricey.
  • Consider public transportation. As long as you feel comfortable getting there yourself, and it's safe, this is often the cheapest form of getting from place to place.
  • Driving may be a good option too. Be sure to understand the laws though, and that your license is accepted in the host country.