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John Osorno

Business Development Relationship Manager

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John Osorno serves as a Business Development Relationship Manager on the Business Development Team for Bethpage.

    In this role, he is responsible for:
  • Assisting in all aspects of new business development including the solicitation and integration of new sponsor groups in Bethpage’s membership
  • Assisting with on-site enrollments of new and existing CBP’s (Corporate Business Partners)
  • Performing new hire orientations at Corporate Business Partner locations. Make revisions to proposals for potential CBP’s
  • Working with Business services and Investment representative to cross sell business and potential members

John believes that the awareness of the business culture has moved beyond cold-calling, and has moved to an era in which we care for each other’s visions and build connections with mutual benefits. He sees a lot of opportunity for Bethpage to continuously success by creating long-lasting relationships with our members.

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