Bethpage Air Show Jones Beach
Bethpage Air Show Jones Beach

The Annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach

28, 29
Memorial Day Weekend
May 28 & 29, 2022

Thank you to all those who attended or streamed the 2022 Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach. We are especially grateful to all the performers, organizer, and agencies, who worked to make the show happen. We are truly thankful for all of your hard work. See everyone next Memorial Day Weekend for the 2023 Bethpage Air Show!

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2022 Bethpage Air Show FAQs

Show Specifics

What time is the show?

The show will run from 10AM-3PM Saturday, May 28, and Sunday, May 29.

Is the show the same both days?

Yes, Saturday and Sunday are the same show.

Where at Jones Beach can I see the show?

You can view from anywhere on the beachfront at Jones Beach State Park. From the East Bathhouse to the West Bathhouse, just find a spot on the sand, face the Atlantic Ocean, and enjoy the show!

Where is show center?

Show center is Central Mall.

Who is in this year's lineup?

United States Navy Blue Angels, United States Army Golden Knights, F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team, F-35 Lightning II, United States Coast Guard Search and Rescue Demonstration, 106th Air National Guard Rescue Wing, Skytypers, Mike Goulian, Jessy Panzer, American Air Power Museum Warbirds, David Windmiller, and SUNY Farmingdale Aviation!

What is the schedule for when each performer will be flying?

Sorry, but a full performance schedule will not be announced. Times are subject to change as there are many factors that affect the schedule, such as weather, issues with aircraft, and other circumstances beyond the control of the Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach.


What time do parking lots open?

Jones Beach parking lots open at sunrise.

Where is handicap parking?

There are designated handicap parking stalls in every parking field. Arrive early to secure a spot.

I want to take public transportation, what train and bus should I take?

Take the LIRR to the Freeport station. From there, take the N88 Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE Bus) to Jones Beach. Visit their website for hours and fees.

What to Bring

Should I bring my own chair?

Yes. Treat this show just like a day at the beach by bringing your beach chairs or blankets.

Can I bring my own food?

Of course! Please be mindful to leave your cutting utensils at home as any sharp object will be confiscated at one of our security checkpoints.

Can I bring my own cooler?

Yes, coolers are permitted and are subject to search at one of our security checkpoints.

Can I bring a backpack?

Yes, but it may be subject to search at one of our security checkpoints.

Can I bring a kite, drone, or balloons?

No. Kites, drones, and balloons are strictly prohibited.

Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not permitted at Jones Beach State Park.