Financial Education

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Bethpage is dedicated to providing financial education to Long Island residents, inspiring members and non-members alike to make empowered financial decisions for their futures. Our Community Development team visits local non-profit organizations, employee assistance programs, and corporate business partners to offer on-site financial literacy workshops in both English and Spanish at no cost. In 2017, Bethpage facilitated over 92 workshops and seminars, including; Understanding your Finances, Understanding Credit, Debt Management, Talking Money with your Kids, and College Finances. Throughout the year more than 2,600 Long Islanders attended one or more of these workshops.

BALANCE Financial Counseling

Bethpage partners with BALANCE, a financial fitness program that makes it easy for members to manage their finances. BALANCE is a free service that offers educational modules in both English and Spanish.

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Bethpage Cares is committed to providing financial literacy to Long Island’s youth. Through partnerships with local schools and youth organizations, Bethpage has encouraged over 4,000 children and teens to take a proactive approach in learning about the basics of banking and making wise decisions in regards to earning, spending, and saving money.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization that brings the real world to students through a hands-on curriculum delivered by trained classroom instructors. Bethpage has partnered with JANY since 2009, presenting the JA curriculum to schools such as the Hicksville School District, WT Clarke Elementary School, JFK Elementary School, Commack Middle School, RJO Intermediate School, and Floral Park Elementary School. Over the past year, Bethpage reached more than 135 classrooms.

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North Shore Holiday House

For over 100 years, North Shore Holiday House in Huntington, NY has provided free camp services to 50 girls ages 6-12 from low income communities. In addition to providing financial youth seminars, Bethpage works with the North Shore Holiday House to host a Financial Field Day during summer camp. Employees and volunteers help coordinate activities including relay races, outdoor sports, and carnival style games to bring the fun back to financial education.

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Providing financial counseling to adults is a vital service Bethpage offers. Continuous education of Financial Education is important for all phases of life, not just youth. Whether you are managing your finances to own a home, or send your children to college, it is never too late to brush up on your financial education.

The Community Development Corporation of Long Island (CDCLI)

The Community Development Corporation of Long Island is a non-profit organization committed to making dreams of long-term economic stability come true. Whether you dream of owning a home, sustaining affordable homeownership, or acquiring financial management skills, CDCLI helps people achieve their goals.

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