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General Banking

What is Bethpage’s routing number?

I’m traveling, is there anything I need to do?

How do I order checks?

How do I deposit a check?

What is my account number?

Where can I get something notarized?

When will my check clear?

Why can’t I call a branch directly?

Where can I find branch/ATM locations and hours?

How do I close my account?

Where can I find important forms and documents?

How do I report and replace a lost or stolen card?

Can I become a member?

A loved one passed away, how do I settle their Bethpage accounts?

How can I make a stop payment on a check?

What is considered a business day?

How do I change my address?

How do I earn interest on my Bonus Checking account?

Is the site secure?

What is your banking holiday schedule?

Why can’t I see my FHA Mortgage in Online Banking anymore?

Where can I find your annual report?

When will I receive my child tax credit?

New Members

When will my ATM/Debit card arrive?

Can I become a member?

When will I receive my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

How is a credit union different than a bank?

Why do I have to deposit $5?

How do I open a checking account?

What is the CO-OP Network?

What do I need to open an account?

How do I open a savings account?

Is the online application secure?

Field of Membership/Eligibility

Online Banking

Login and Account Setup

I forgot my username.

I forgot my password.

How do I open an account online?

How do I sign up for online banking?

Bill Pay, Transfers, and Transactions

How do I pay a loan from an external bank account?

What are Bethpage Debit Card Text Alerts?

How do I setup a new member-to-member transfer?

Where can I see pending transactions?

Fingerprint ID

How do I set up my device to use Fingerprint or Touch ID/Face ID?

Browser & Device Support

How can I enroll in online banking if I am not currently enrolled?

What browsers and mobile devices are supported?

Online Bill Pay

What is Online Bill pay?

How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

How do I stop or make changes to a recurring payment?

Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my bill payment?

How can I tell if my payment will be sent electronically or by paper check?

What are the payment limits?

How do I set up or remove a payee?

What is the earliest date I can make a payment?

What if there isn’t enough money in my account to pay my bill?

Can I cancel or make a stop payment on a Bill Pay?

I’ve scheduled a bill payment, when will the funds be debited from my account?

Why does my payment still say “In-Process”?

Why was my payment cancelled?

Mobile Banking

How do I set up Mobile Banking?

What account actions can be performed on the mobile banking app?

Can I use Face ID on my mobile phone to sign in to Bethpage mobile?

How do I download the mobile banking app?

What devices can I use the app on?

Loan Information

How do I make a loan payment?

How do I pay a loan from an external bank account?

How do I apply for a loan?

What types of loans are offered at Bethpage Federal Credit Union?

Where can I find today’s loan rates?

Why cant I see my FHA Mortgage in Online Banking anymore?

How do I apply for a Mortgage Pre-Qualification?

How can I find the payoff amount of a loan?

Bank at Work Program

What is Bethpage Bank at Work?

Is my company eligible for the Bank at Work program?

Want your company to participate in the Bethpage Bank@Work program?

How do I contact someone about Bank at Work?