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Your New Account with Bethpage

Below you will find some useful information that will get you started with your new account.

Online Banking

If you haven't already, register up for Online Banking so you can find your statements electronically, order checks, transfer funds between Bethpage accounts and make payments using online bill pay. Once you're signed up, you also have the ability to start using Mobile Banking. You can also download the free Bethpage Federal Credit Union app available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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Online Switch Kit: We Make Switching Easier

We know that switching your account from another financial institution can be time consuming, so we’ve put together several forms to make it as easy as possible.

Switching Direct Deposit Accounts

To begin or transfer direct deposits, the following information is needed:

  • Employer or deposit initiators name and address
  • Bethpage account number
  • Bethpage ACH routing/transit number: 221473652

Typical sources for direct deposit include Employers human resource department, company handling your retirement/pension and Social Security Administration.

Complete the Direct Deposit Request Form for each of these organizations.

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Switching Automatic Payments/Withdrawals

Do you have automatic payments or withdrawals made from your old account?

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Closing Your Old Account

First, stop using your old checking account, but keep enough funds in it to cover outstanding checks, automatic withdrawals and automatic payments.

Then verify that your last check, automatic withdrawal and automatic payment has cleared. Once they have, you are ready to close your old account by completing the attached “Close Account Request Form”.

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Transferring Online Bill Payment Payees

Do you use your old bank to pay any bills online via their website? If you do, you’ll want to sign up for Bethpage Online Bill Pay.

  • Log on to your old bank’s online banking site and select the option to view payee’s
  • Print the details to use when your set up your Bethpage Bill Pay service
  • Cancel returning payments from your old bank to avoid paying a bill twice

Have Additional Questions or Need Help?

Just visit any Bethpage branch and we’ll be happy to complete the switch kit forms for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Member Service Line at 800-628-7070 or contact us via email.