Special Purpose Account

Best for anyone interested in saving for holidays, vacations or large ticket purchases.


Saving for vacations, home upgrades, new technology and college can be tough. Our special purpose account gives you a way to dedicate funds to specific savings goals. At Bethpage, we offer our members Special Purpose Accounts to help them reach their spending goals.

Some of the benefits of opening a Special Purpose Account with us at Bethpage include:

  • The minimum deposit to open one of our accounts is only one dollar. You can be on your way to achieving your goal by simply committing one dollar toward saving smarter.
  • Members can withdraw (or cash-out) any dollar amount at any time. Our Special Purpose Accounts are designed to help you save, not to hold your money hostage. We recognize that sometimes, more important things call for immediate financial attention.
  • Since all of your Bethpage accounts are linked, withdrawals from your Special Purpose Account can go directly into your Bethpage Federal Credit Union savings or checking account. That makes buying those plane tickets, paying the wedding planner or picking up some cabinet fixtures with your Bethpage debit card a piece of cake.

Stop into your local branch or give us a call at 800-628-7070 to learn more about opening a Bethpage Special Purpose Account. You can also speak with a member service representative to help you come up with a savings plan that works for you and your budget!