Certificate Accounts

A Better Way To Grow Your Money.

Certificates At Bethpage

Best for people who have large balances in a liquid account or are looking for higher dividends.

  • Fixed rates for terms up to 60-months. We also offer a 39-Month Bump Up Certificate**. When rates change you have the ability to increase your rate once during the term of your certificate.
  • Open with as little as $50.
  • Seven-day grace period after maturity.

ProductBethpage Annual Percentage Yield (APY)*Regional Bank Average APY^We beat the banks by:
6 MONTH CERTIFICATE1.50%0.39%285%
12 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.00%0.74%170%
18 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.05%0.55%273%
24 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.15%0.74%191%
30 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.15%0.35%514%
36 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.20%0.85%159%
48 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.30%1.00%130%
60 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.50%1.12%123%

^Data is supplied by Datatrac Inc. as of 7/19/2018.

Data supplied by Datatrac. Rate shown is the average rate for the 10 largest banks in the Long Island, New York area, with a minimum balance of $10,000. Actual credit rates may be different.

 *APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

Certificate Calculators

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